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Why I fell in love with photography

The journey that led me down this road began during a visit to my grandfather one winter in Maine. One thing to know about Maine during the winter is there is no spared expense when it comes to snow. Spent a lot of my free time out in the tundra landscape, struck by the beauty of my surroundings I had to capture the moment. At the time all I had was my phone and my curiosity. Using my phone’s camera in every manner I could think to capture my surrounding. Here in the cold feet of snow was my passion for photography was set afire. As my love grew for the subject matter, I became more enamored with the philosophies revolving around it. Photography is more than a taking a picture, allowing an instance to live beyond its single moment in time. The fleeting emotions, beauty, significance, or any other aspect of that subject, gets a chance to live a new life as we all can interpret an image in our own unique perspectives. Photography can move a nation, rekindle lost memories, or touch us in a way we couldn’t prepare for. It is a medium to relive and appreciate life, telling stories through the beautiful stillness in each picture. We are all connected via the visual threads of life that photography captures one image at a time.

Special thanks to  those who have inspired this journey. From the bottom of my heart thank you.

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