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What I offer

Helping businesses through photography is what makes my job meaningful. Explore some of my recent work down below.

Discover Digital Art and Photography

Based in Georgia, I specialize in conceptual Photography/Digital Art 

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Request for fully customized digital art

Interested in a one of a kind, OC studios never to resold or reprinted piece of digital art to go into your home? Please fill out your contact information and I will be happy to discuss this opportunity with you! Pricing will vary based on the needs of the request.

Why I fell in love with photography

I started doing photography about 6 years ago based in Georgia. To me photography isn’t something as simple as a photograph. Photography is one of the many amazing types of arts on this world, one that allows us to capture and preserve memories and moments in time. Through the lens of a camera, we are able to capture the world as we see it and share it with others, it allows us to document and record history, our history and others history, photographs provide a visual representation of events or people, giving us a glimpse into what is now the past, photographs have the ability to capture the colors, textures, and emotions of a moment, making it possible to share the beauty of the world with others. Through photography, we can share the beauty of nature, architecture, and even the human face and form, it allows us to express ourselves creatively, with that small tool, we are able to experiment with composition, lighting, and other techniques to create unique and expressive images, it allows us to explore our creativity and to express ourselves in a way that is personal and individual, it is a medium that has the power to inspire, to educate, and to connect us to the world around us, whether we are taking photographs ourselves or looking at the work of others.


Without a doubt, I recommend anyone with an appreciation for the finest in the art to peruse Samuell's portfolio. You will be enraptured by the talent and vision on display, and I have no doubt that Samuell's work will leave a lasting impression on you as well, the artistic genius on display is simply unparalleled.


The way Sam brings out emotions from his numerous works makes it seem as though each image is portraying a story of itself. I often find myself reminiscing over my own life as each piece brings about a sense of beauty and realism. Whenever I wonder when his next work will come out, they do and I am left in awe every time.


I have had the pleasure of seeing Samuell's art works and the passion that goes into producing them. His attention to detail and the care he takes to make them encapture the vision he has for them is admirable, to say the least. Furthermore, his dedication to improving, focusing on his craft, and willingness to learn and receive advice makes him such a great artist.


Samuell has a wonderful selection of art. It’s creative, beautiful, and has intriguing meanings. It certainly catches your eye and brings something wonderful into the area you place it.  There’s a hidden beauty in the realism of each piece along with the beauty that catches your eye at first glance. Anyone who has an appreciation for art would be in their right mind to look into his portfolio.


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